Sizing & FAQs

Leather Hat Sizes
Rim 56 cm - Fitted Size 7
Rim 58 cm - Fitted Size 7 1/4
Rim 60 cm - Fitted Size 7 1/2
Rim 62 cm - Fitted Size 7 3/4
Rim 64 cm - Fitted Size 8

Rim Size is the circumference of the head measured around your forehead and the nape of your neck where your leather hat will sit.
Hat Height ranges from 4" to 9" or 10 cm to 23 cm.  This is how deep the hat is, measured from rim to top.

Small: 4 inches
Medium: 5 inches
Large: 7 inches
Extra Large: 9 inches

Each leather crown varies in size, please check the item description for specifications.

Please Note: these leather crowns are designed to accommodate lots of hair or Rasta dreadlocks which helps to keep the hat in place.
Some are worn atop the head and some are worn down covering the ears, depending on individual preference.

Leather Texture & Colour

Leather is a natural material and may have marks and creases.
These add to the natural look of our Leather Crowns.
Some colours may look different depending on the screen they are being viewed on but we have made every effort to show a true representation of our products.

Leather Pricing
The prices of our Leather Crowns vary depending on the cost of the leather used to create them. Sometimes we may stumble upon a lovely normally priced hide and sometimes we may find a premium piece in a colour texture combination that we simply cannot let pass us by.


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