Rasta Profile - Jah T, Vegan Chef

Jah T Ice Sculptor

"If the water is more than the ice it melts, if the ice is more than the water it freezes" Jah T (Ocho Rios, St. Ann)

Jah T recently opened a vegetarian restaurant in the Ocho Rios Bus Park in St. Ann.  The freshly stained wood infrastructure and pristine kitchen stands elegantly in the midst of shops.  Jah T also operates a vegetarian restaurant and store and is quite adept at ice carving, a skill he has honed over years.  He approaches each block of ice with great planning and precision.  His ice blocks allow no room for error and he must prepare it just right even before the first stroke.  Jah T's ice sculptures last as long as 4 hours but become even more beautiful and scintillating during the melting process.  Melting rounds the edges of a sculpture and it shrinks in proportion while radiating and shimmering and reflecting the beauty of the artist.


Reflections - Ocho Rios Bus Park