Introducing Emerging Dub Poet RastaUP

RastaUP the Artiste

Dub poetry is a genre that combines spoken word poetry with reggae music.  The phrase was coined by Linton Kwesi Johnson in 1976 and now, a new artist is emerging on the scene. Meet RastaUP, a rising dub poet who is bringing his unique sound and personal message to audiences around the world.

RastaUP was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, where he was surrounded by the sounds of reggae music from a young age. He was particularly drawn to the poetry and storytelling that are at the heart of the dub poetry tradition. He began writing his own poetry as a teenager, and quickly gained a reputation as a talented wordsmith.

RastaUP's poetry is a fusion of social commentary, personal reflection, and spiritual insight, all set to a backdrop of reggae rhythms and dub beats. His performances are contemplative, as he weaves his words into a musical tapestry that burrows into the minds of his audience.

One of RastaUP's most powerful pieces is “Mental Wall," a poignant and timely meditation on strong unwavering faith during the hardest of times.  The poem encourages listeners to embrace their inner strength and to have faith in the power of the universe to guide them through difficulties.

Another standout piece is “Strong People,” a heartfelt tribute to persons bearing a heavy burden but who trod onwards without complaining.  

Despite his growing success, RastaUP remains committed to using his art to encourage introspection. 

"I believe that poetry has the power to change from within“ he says. "Through my words, I hope to inspire people to take personal action, be the change and work towards a better world."

With his talent and passion, RastaUP is sure to make a lasting impact on the dub poetry scene. Keep an ear out for this rising star from Kingston, Jamaica, and prepare to be moved by his powerful words and positive message.

Rasta UP Yourself

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