Black Uhuru Wows at Roots Bamboo Resort - Negril

Black Uhuru at Roots Bamboo - Negril

Reggae Legend Black Uhuru graced Jamaica’s west end on Friday March 8th, 2024 and delivered a timeless experience.

While the set was delayed due to a power outage, the anticipation only heightened as Black Uhuru took the stage at the Roots Bamboo Resort in Negril.

Black Uhuru at Roots Bamboo Negril on March 8th 2024

The stars twinkled overhead and the rhythm of the ocean provided a natural ambiance as Reggae Superstars Black Uhuru used music to impart uplifting life lessons, Rastafari wisdom, solidarity and perseverance.

Duckie Simpson

With their trademark blend of roots reggae and dub, Black Uhuru mesmerized the audience and showcased the heartbeat and soul of Jamaica, their notes carrying the spirit of the people behind this great Reggae Movement.

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 One Love.